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What Does the Bridal Party Do?

The Bridal Party explained! Not sure of your responsibilities as part of a bridal party? Wedding SA is here to help you out! Read on for all the details on how to be an awesome member of the bridal party.

What does a Bridesmaid do?

Bridesmaids are the ladies who stand by the bride during the wedding ceremony and reception. They help with the planning of the wedding, such as choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses and helping the bride get ready on the day of the wedding. They also walk down the aisle with the bride, stand up with her during the ceremony, and help her with her bouquet and train during the reception.

Bridesmaids are typically close friends or family members of the bride, they do not have to be female. They are chosen because the bride trusts them and wants them to be a part of her special day.

What does a Groomsman do?

Groomsmen are the friends and relatives of the groom who stand up with him at his wedding. They typically have a number of responsibilities, including:

• Helping the groom plan the wedding.
• Attending the rehearsal.
• Walking down the aisle with the bride’s bridesmaids.
• Standing next to the groom during the ceremony.
• Giving a toast at the reception.
• Helping the groom with any last-minute tasks on the day of the wedding.

Groomsmen are also there to support the groom emotionally and provide him with companionship on his wedding day.

What does a Maid of Honour do?

A maid of honour is a friend or relative of the bride who is chosen to be her chief attendant at the wedding. The maid of honour typically helps the bride with wedding planning, attends all wedding-related events, and stands next to the bride during the ceremony. They may also give a speech at the reception.

What does a Best Man do?

The best man is the groom’s closest friend or relative who stands up with him at his wedding. The best man’s duties include:

• Giving a speech at the reception
• Helping the groom get ready for the wedding
• Ushering guests to their seats
• Officiating the buck’s party
• Being a shoulder to cry on if the groom is feeling nervous or stressed
• Making sure the groom has everything he needs on the day of the wedding
• Being a witness to the wedding vows
• Helping the groom clean up after the wedding

What does a Flower Girl do?

A flower girl is a young girl who traditionally walks down the aisle at a wedding, scattering flower petals in the path of the bride and groom. She may also be responsible for carrying a small bouquet or basket of flowers. The role of the flower girl is often seen as a symbol of innocence and purity.

In some cultures, the flower girl is also responsible for carrying out other tasks during the wedding ceremony, such as lighting candles or ringing a bell.

Who can be a Ring Bearer?

A ring bearer is traditionally a young boy who carries the wedding rings down the aisle during the ceremony. However, there are no rules about who can be a ring bearer, and it is becoming increasingly common for girls to be ring bearers, or for the couple to choose a close friend or family member of any age to carry the rings. Ultimately, the decision of who to choose as a ring bearer is up to the couple.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a ring bearer:
Age: The ring bearer should be old enough to understand the importance of the task and to walk down the aisle without getting too distracted.
Personality: The ring bearer should be comfortable being in the spotlight and should be able to handle the responsibility of carrying the rings.
Relationship to the couple: The ring bearer should be someone who is close to the couple and who they trust to carry out this important task.
Appearance: The ring bearer should be dressed in formal attire that matches the rest of the wedding party.

If you are having trouble deciding who to choose as your ring bearer, ask your family and close friends for their suggestions.

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