Personalised Wedding Photography Services

Our weddings services are customised to each couple’s needs. Each wedding is planned and coordinated with the couple, in detail, to ensure the best results. Right from the very start our goal is for you to have fun. When you have fun the images just happen. From traditional to candid we have captured them all and can help guide you along during the day.

Tania has over 24 years of dedicated wedding experience and over 30 years as a photographer in some of Australia’s leading studios. Her attention to detail and commitment to your day is unparalleled. We can only photograph one wedding a day, so we are absolutely focused on making sure your special day is our only priority.

Photographing people is the most amazing experience. We don’t believe you should get pushed around, forced into a compromise or directed to what the photographer wants, rather the photographer should find the balance that works for you. We don’t make you choose a package that suits us, we work out what you would like and then work with you to meet your needs. 

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Truth Photography


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