Your wedding is such a special occasion. There can be laughs, happy tears, sad tears for those who are no longer with us, rushes of adrenaline, extreme nerves and just moments where time seems to stop still. No matter the moment, I will be right there with you feeling it, soaking it in and capturing those feelings through my lens. I am invested in every couple I get the pleasure of meeting. I want to know your love story, and I want to do it justice with my photography.

Weddings always seem to bring families together, which is another reason I absolutely love them. Although my business name, Rexvil, is not my name (Kieren!) it actually represents both of my grandfathers. One who is still with us today named Rex, and my other grandfather Colvil, who is sadly no longer with us. Family is my world. I can’t get enough photos of my wife, Michelle and our precious little daughter Violet…and of course a few cheeky snaps here and there of our pooch and birdies.

Photos are one of the very few things from your wedding day that you actually get to keep once your day is done and dusted. It’s safe to say, I really understand the value of photos.

Rexvil Photography
Rexvil Photography


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