At Professional Photos and Video by Eye Dropper Designs, we truly do live and breath photography! Michelle Forte is our lead photographer and videographer, with more than 10 years experience in the wedding industry. Our unique ability to capture photography, videography and aerial footage means that we can cover your day completely – from every single angle! We do all our editing in-house too – so you know that the people involved in your special day, will be able to put together a final package that is truly tailored to all the magical moments you experienced throughout the day.

Capturing your wedding day is about more than just taking a few photos or hitting record on the camcorder. It’s about knowing when those magic moments will take place, and being there to catch them at that exact moment in time. That look between the father and the bride, the tear in mums eye, the spark that can be felt between the bride and groom when they see each other for the first time on the biggest day of their lives. These moments are lived only once and can’t be re-enacted, but they can be remembered through the memories we capture for you.

Michelle and her team pride themselves on building a relationship with the couple, so that everyone feels completely relaxed on the day and able to get the most from every part of the day. If you’re the sort of couple who feel totally comfortable living the moments as they come, we’ll be there to capture your natural flow throughout the day. If you’re feeling a little nervous and want to make sure you’re showing your best side – let us know and we’ll help guide you through the day. We’re happy to go with the style and format that suits you best as a couple.  

We tell your story as it happened – so you can experience those emotions again when you reflect upon your day.  We always aim to capture the essence of your day – your surroundings, your guests and the finer details that make you day so special. It’s the attention to detail that we capture, that will remind you of what made the day so magical to begin with.

Professional Photography and Video
Professional Photography and Video



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