What causes your groom emotional distress?
Many grooms suffer in silence and may experience emotional distress due to the thought of losing you due to a popular newspaper or blog publishing a headline saying, “Wife divorces husband on wedding day claiming emotional distress from his dancing”. OK, that might be a little extreme, but surely you have blown things out of proportion with your vivid imagination which makes you even believe that doomsday is coming. This crazy thought would definitely make any man drink himself to oblivion. Fortunately, if you follow the Adelaide Wedding Dance School (AWDS) specially designed Bridal Dance Course then learning your first dance will be fun and as EASY as counting uno, dos, tres (1, 2, 3 in Spanish).

Suffering in silence is not cool…sniff!
Please, Wedding SA brides don’t let your groom suffer in silence. Ask him if he would consider taking dance lessons to learn a simple bridal dance. Knowing guys can often confuse macho (aggressively masculine) behaviour with machismo (a show of virility or manly courage), he probably brushes it off but secretly wishes you just told him, “We are booked for bridal dance lessons my little soldier!”.

Show him you are his better half.
He will surely appreciate it in silence! If you just tell him YOU feel emotional distress about the wedding day because you don’t want to look awkward on the dance floor, he might just treat you to a nice romantic Dinner and Dance – culminating in an epic win, win for the two of you!

Head in the sand.
Why do men bury their heads in the sand and suffer in silence? One explanation may be that as children and adolescents, when boys are running around like spring chickens, they are told to stop crying because men don’t cry. They are told that this shows weakness and that a woman should always see them as her rock, as her protector, as someone who knows how to do everything. Hence, for your groom the thought of embarrassing you in front of your family and closest friends with his awkward dance moves will most likely make him grab another beer at his favourite bar.

Luckily with you being the better half in your relationship, as well as making him believe you’re the one who is concerned about your dancing skills, and with the AWDS Fun Bridal Dance Course, you will surely put all his fears and yours at ease.

Adelaide Wedding Dance School
Adelaide Wedding Dance School

Features and benefits of AWDS Bridal Dance Course

  • We are not sure about what song to choose?
    1. Choosing your favourite song to dance to can sometimes be troublesome. AWDS gives all Wedding SA bridal couples, such as yourself, a No-Obligation FREE 45 MINUTES Private Wedding Lesson to ascertain all of your dancing needs.
      • Such as, but not limited to:
        • How big is your floor space?
        • What type of dress are you wearing?
        • Your floor space + song + wedding dress will determine the dance style that best fits.
        • Have you got your wedding shoes yet?
        • How long until your wedding dance?
  • Have ideas for your wedding dance already?
    1. AWDS is so flexible that we will tailor your bridal dance to your dancing ideas and any other little details you might want to add.
    2. Flexibility to make your dance as elaborate, simple or flashy as you wish. (This definitely varies depending on your dancing abilities and the time you commit.)
    3. By you taking advantage of their no-obligation FREE 45 MINUTES Private Wedding Lesson, AWDS will be able to advise you if your bridal dance is a reasonable request within the time frame allocated, taking into consideration your dancing abilities.
  • We have a busy schedule?
    1. Having a busy schedule planning and organizing your wedding day is tiresome. The AWDS Bridal Dance Course will make it easy for you to schedule your dance lessons right up to your wedding day.
    2. Let AWDS know when you are available and they will do their best to make it happen at the time and date specified by you.
    3. Many doctors, lawyers, nurses and others who work alternating shifts love the flexibility AWDS offers by being open 6 days a week for your convenience.
    4. Reserve your spot on a weekly basis or weeks in advance.
  • Do I need to bring my jukebox?
    No you don’t have to put your back out!
    1. AWDS supports the following technology:
      • Bluetooth
      • USB
      • Ipod
      • Laptop
      • Tablets/Ipads
      • CD
      • DVD
      • Unfortunately no Cassettes or Vinyl! 😉
  • Can we test drive the Bridal Dance Course?
    1. AWDS understands that if they were buying a service they would like to test it first. Hence, they are offering you a FREE 45 MINUTES Private Wedding Lesson to test drive their Bridal Dance Course.
    2. Use this FREE 45 minutes to get a head start towards learning your bridal dance.
  • My feet move as nimbly as a baby elephant dancing. Can I still learn to dance?
    1. No need to fret, you don’t need any dancing experience.
    2. The dance course is beginner friendly.
    3. AWDS will make you a confident, nimble dancer.
  • Is there FREE Car Parking?
    1. Yes, 1 to 2 hour free street parking.
    2. Free onsite parking after school hours.
  • Testimonials
    “Improved our self esteem and our dancing skills and we got to meet all new people” – Melissa Mccallum
    “Mel is now is looking forward and excited to dancing in front of people and that is a massive massive step forward” – Cameron Mccallum
    “Happy with the tailoring of the lesson. Worked around our busy schedule. Very flexible” – David Kurkinen
    “Very happy with the end product. Everyone is very friendly – you don’t feel intimidated at all! You get confident more and more every week” – Abe Waller
    For more testimonial videos – visit the Adelaide Wedding Dance School website.
  • How much do your Bridal Dance Courses cost?
    Please note all of our Wedding Lesson Private Lesson packages is inclusive of Group Classes – running 6 days a weeks – savings of $320 per week. Details will be explained at your Free Wedding Lesson.
    1. Simple Bridal Dance Course:
      5 private lessons + Inclusive of all Group Dance Classes
      Wedding SA Price: $395 (normally $445)
      • Simple & basic entrance (e.g. dips and twirls)
      • Simple & basic ending to the dance (e.g. dips and twirls)
      • Basic partnership
      • Basic techniques for synchronization
      • 3 – 4 School figures (dance moves)
      • Simple styling
      • Look & feel: You will feel and look quite relaxed dancing with a small variety of dance moves to keep things interesting for you and your guests 
    2. Comfortable Grooving Bridal Dance Course:
      15 private lessons + inclusive of all Group Dance Classes
      Wedding SA Price $885 (normally $1035)
      • Entrance (e.g. dips and twirls)
      • Ending to the dance (e.g. dips and twirls)
      • Intermediate partnership
      • Intermediate techniques for synchronisation
      • 4 – 6 School figures (dance moves)
      • Intermediate styling
      • Look & feel: Your dance will be very smooth, coordinated and synchronised. You will look very competent. The moves are interesting and will look impressive to the non-dancer. You will feel very comfortable dancing together and enjoying yourselves. 
    3. Confident & Flair Bridal Dance Course:
      25 private lessons + inclusive of all Group Dance Classes
      Wedding SA price $1475 (normally $1725)
      • Elaborate ending to the dance (e.g. dips and twirls)
      • Advance partnership
      • Intermediate techniques for synchronisation
      • 6 – 9 School figures (dance moves)
      • Styling – particulars of dance style are established, including:
      • Sexy Latin hip movement
      • Classic ballroom elegance
      • Embellishments of dance moves
      • Look & feel: Your dance will exude the feelings of the style you have chosen, (i.e. elegant, classic ballroom or sultry and sexy Latin.) Your dance will be very smooth, exciting to watch and will complement your song perfectly. Your guests will probably say, “I didn’t know you guys were into dancing!” They might even ask you to show them a few moves. 
  • Are there any guarantees?
    1.  Get peace of mind by taking advantage of their:
      • Awkward Turtle Guarantee:
        If you are feeling awkward, like a turtle on its back, after your Bridal Dance Course is completed we will teach you for FREE until you feel comfortable (terms and conditions do apply.)

Special offer

Mention Wedding SA when you book and receive a FREE 45 MINUTES Private Wedding Lesson to test drive the AWDS Bridal Dance Course.


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