Best Karaoke Bars Adelaide

Getting married is an exciting time in anyone’s life! In between the wedding itself, the preparation and the pre-wedding celebrations, there’s plenty to get excited about. At Wicked Hen’s, we simply love that we have the opportunity to play our part of these events and help people across Australia put together a party to remember – for all the right reasons of course!

When it comes to the hen’s party, the possibilities on offer are truly endless. There is absolutely something for everyone and the perfect option comes down to your style, vision and budget. While you can pick from any number of themes or hen’s activities, the biggest considerations are to ensure that  the bride feels like the woman of the hour and that everyone else involved has a good time.

Simple enough, right? Well, it is when you get the gang together for a karaoke session. It’s scientifically proven that belting out your favourite song reduces stress and increases oxytocin and endorphins (the happy hormones), which is exactly what everyone needs in the lead up to their big day.

Luckily, there are plenty of places in Adelaide where you can get your happiness fix. In fact, there are so many different places on offer that we took the liberty of scouting them all out and putting them to the test. After singing our lungs out to Lady Gaga at more venues than we can remember, we’ve put together a list of our favourites to make your job of planning a whole lot easier. Read on to discover the top 5 karaoke bars in Adelaide.

Top 5 Karaoke Bars Adelaide

1.    La Sing

Ask any Adelaide local for their favourite karaoke bar, and 9/10 they’ll send you on your way to La Sing. This ultra-popular bar is known for its out of this world astrological décor and has been welcoming karaoke enthusiasts through its doors since 2000. Unlike many venues found in Australia, this place has one stage instead of multiple booths or rooms – which means you’ll get to strut your stuff in front of the entire crowd.

The crowd is always filled with plenty of regulars, who come in week after week to get in the spotlight and show everyone what they’re made of. With no entry fee, super affordable late-night food and an extensive drinks menu, it’s the sort of place that you can easily stay all night long.

Address – 261 Gouger Street, Adelaide South Australia

2.    The Voice Karaoke Bar

The Voice Karaoke Bar is just as funky as the Yang brothers that own the venue. The vibrantly decorated bar has 17 individually themed karaoke rooms, which pay homage to everyone from Elvis Presley to Hugh Hefner. Each room is up for grabs for an hourly fee, which means you can rent out your own space for as little or as long as you like.

Once you’re set up in the room with your gang, you’ll be left to run wild with the extensive music playlist of more than 80,000 songs. The wide range of drinks are perfect for getting your vocal cords ready and the art deco décor provides the perfect backdrop for you to snap the ultimate Instagram shot – what’s not to love about that?!

Address – 1, 39 Gouger Street, Adelaide

3.    Illusion Karaoke Lounge

Ever wondered what the first karaoke bar was in Adelaide? Probably not, but we’ve got the answer for you. Illusion Karaoke Lounge is the oldest karaoke destination in the city, and prides itself on being the largest in the area too. Here, each of the 17 rooms in varying sizes are decorated in a distinct black and gold design, which gives the entire place a super luxurious feel.

But it’s not just the showstopping tunes that keep everyone coming back! The drinks menu also packs a serious punch, including everything from locally brewed beers and wines to fancy and creative cocktail concoctions. There is no better place to make a toast to the bride to be!

Address –  84 Hindley Street, Adelaide

4.    Shangri-La

Shangri-La is known among Adelaide locals and travellers alike for it’s wall art, particularly the two large murals created by local artist Elaine Cheng. It’s usually this masterpiece that attracts people through the door initially, but it’s the karaoke that sees them staying for hours on end.

Once you’re through the doors and you’ve passed the clusters of red Chinese lanterns that welcome you on your way in, you can grab yourself a drink from the beautifully designed bar that offers shelves upon shelves of every potion you could wish for. These ingredients are then used to make your custom cocktail of choice. With a delightful beverage in hand, you’ll be amped and ready to show off your singing skills in a private room or on stage in the public area – the choice is yours!

Address – 1, 128 Hindley Street, Adelaide

5.    15 Miss Hanoi

What’s a wrap up of karaoke bars in Adelaide without a special mention for 15 Miss Hanoi? This Vietnamese restaurant and karaoke bar is the perfect place to channel your inner Rockstar and really soak into the moment. The bar itself is set up with tables around the stage, so you can egg on the bride to be when she ventures up to belt out her favourite tunes.

When you need a breather from all the action and excitement, you can retreat to the restaurant section of the venue. Here, you can savour on reasonably priced cocktails and sample the tasty traditional Vietnamese food. After karaoke wraps up for the night, the venue usually kicks on with a live band performance. It’s the best of both worlds!

There is simply no denying that karaoke is one of the best ice breakers, which makes it the perfect activity to celebrate your hen’s party. So get everyone together and prepare to show us what you’re made of! For more help planning your party or other helpful tips, reach out to the Wicked Hen’s team today.

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Bucks Go Karting Adelaide

If video games have done nothing else, they’ve taught us how quickly life can change when a mushroom drops onto the racetrack. While there may not be any sparkling vegetables dropping from the sky at your buddy’s wedding, there are still plenty of similarities to a good old session of Mario Kart.

For starters, both bucks activities are equally as nostalgic as each other. It’s simply impossible to get behind the controller without thinking about the countless hours you spent hanging out with your siblings, cousins and friends growing up. Similarly, as your mate walks down the aisle, he will no doubt be thinking back on the good old days that led up until this moment.

In celebration of all things good, why not combine the two into one epic celebration by hosting a go-karting themed buck’s party? Whether you’re throwing the party in your hometown or venturing to somewhere further afield, an afternoon spent on the rest track with all your best buddies guarantees to be an experience you’ll remember forever.

After arriving at the track, you’ll be kitted up, given a short demo by the on-site professional drivers and then let loose behind the wheel. Once you’re in the driver’s seat, it’s every man for himself – literally! You’ll be flying down the straights, screeching around the corners and zooming across the finish line like you’ve been training for that exact moment for your entire life.

What’s not to love about that? Just in case you needed any more excuse to get your crew together for a Bucks Go-Karting session in Adelaide, our friends at Wicked Bucks have put together their top five reasons to make this your first-choice activity. These guys have planned and delivered more buck’s parties than the rest of us will ever attend in our lives so they know a thing or two about how to have a good time.

Top Reasons to Host a Go-Karting Bucks Party in Adelaide

1.    It’s like video-gaming, but in real life

How many times has your partner questioned the number of hours you spend with a video controller in hand? Did you grow up begging your parents to let you spend days on end in-front of the Xbox? Perhaps you grew up as the reigning champion of Wii in your household? No matter who you are, nothing beats a good old session of video gaming. There is just something about testing your skills in a completely virtual world.

The only thing better is putting those skills to the test in real life! While there may not be any mushrooms sliding across the track, banana peels slowing you down or multi-coloured boxes to spice up the competition, a session of go-karting is every bit as fun as everyone’s favourite car racing game. The best part is that you won’t have anyone nagging you to stop playing and go outside instead. It really is the best of both worlds.

2.    Nothing beats a bit of healthy competition

The old saying ‘boys will be boys’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to a bucks party! Whether you’ve rounded up your family, calling in your mates or you’re just throwing an intimate affair, the best way to get the good vibes pumping is through some healthy competition.

According to the crew at Wicked Bucks, the best thing you can do is split the group up into teams and go head-to-head against each other on the track. There are a variety of different ways you can determine the winner, with the easiest being time trials to see who makes it past the checkered flag first. With bragging rights up for grabs, this is one prize you won’t want to miss out on.

3.    Get the adrenaline pumping

When people think of adrenaline sports, their minds usually go to the likes of skydiving or bungee jumping. Any that doesn’t immediately think of go-karting has obviously never tried the sport out for themselves. When you’re geared up in your professional driving wear and sitting behind the steering wheel of your very own wheels, you’ll feel that same sense of anticipation that comes just before you make the big jump.

Once you’re off and going, the adrenaline doesn’t stop either! Go-karting will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire experience and holding on for dear life. If you’re the best man and you’re trying to pull together some quality content to include in your speech on the big day, this is when you’ll want to keep a close eye on the antics of the groom to be. Even better, if you can catch his high school girl-like squeals on camera, you’ll have plenty to work with when it comes to script writing.

4.    Set the tone for an epic night

It goes without saying that a buck’s party isn’t complete without a wild night out with the lads. While Wicked Bucks assures us there are plenty of options for those wanting to keep things a little more low key, we speak from experience when we say a bucks night out is always one to remember!

When adrenaline is pumping through your body and the high of your recent win, you’ll be amped and ready to go for a night out on the town. If you don’t walk away with the result you were after, a night out is still the solution to drown your sorrows away. Either way – you’ll set the tone for an epic night to follow.

5.    Bring the gang closer together

One of the most special things about having a bucks party is that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to have all your loved ones in the same place, at the same time. This means you’ll likely have people that don’t know each other too well and you’ll need to have a good ice breaker to bring everyone together!

Go Karting is a great ‘one in, all in’ activity that everyone can get behind – whether it’s your 18 year old cousin, your best mate from high school or your Great Uncle Joe. Once everyone’s had a few spins around the track and the banter is flowing, you’ll never guess they didn’t know each other before!

When it comes time to planning your bucks party in Adelaide, you can’t beat the tips and tricks Wicked Bucks has up their sleeves. They’ve got plenty of connections and insider know-how to ensure you make the most of your celebrations. For more information about what they can do for you, feel free to reach out to their team today.

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Adelaide Hens and Bucks Party FAQ

When should you have your hens or bucks party?

A hens or bucks party can be held at any time, however a couple of weeks before the wedding is common. It’s a great chance to escape from any wedding planning stress and to get excited for the big day.

Who pays for the hens or bucks party?

Typically guests pay for themselves. However, it is not unusual for the bridal couple to cover the costs.

Who should be invited to the hens or bucks party?

The guest list should be made up of the bridal party as well as good friends and family members who are also invited to the wedding. Typically the best man or maid of honour will host the party and should be inviting the guests. They will work with the bride or groom to finalise the guest list.

What is the point of a hens or bucks party?

It’s typically seen as a celebration of the last days of single life.

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Bucks Party Boat Options in Adelaide

We’re no strangers to a party. We love letting our hair down and having some fun with our friends as much as the next person. But I also know some celebrations deserve to be a little more special than others. While having a few bevvies at the local pub with your mates is an epic way to wrap up the end of the week, it’s a pretty standard Friday night occurrence. And when your mate is celebrating his final days of single life, we reckon he deserves something a little more out of the box – something he’ll be looking back on for years to come.

That’s why we caught up with our friends over at Wicked Bucks. These party-planning professionals have organised more Adelaide bucks celebrations than the rest of us will ever attend in our lives, which means they’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to put on a show-stopping event.

We sat down with the Wicked Bucks team to brainstorm the best ideas for a buck’s celebration in Adelaide. While they’ve put on celebrations for dudes from all walks of life, it looks like there is a common theme throughout everything you do. According to Wicked Bucks, it’s all about finding the perfect balance that will keep everyone happy. Whether it’s your Great Uncle Joe or your mate’s little bro tagging along, it’s important to have an activity that everyone will love.

We were left scratching our heads, but the Wicked Bucks team came to the rescue. The secret? A buck’s party cruise in Adelaide! Being home to some of the prettiest scenery in the country means party boats are regularly dotted across our local waters. In fact, summer in Adelaide isn’t really complete without some kind of sunset at sea. The vibe only gets between when you add in an esky of drinks, sweet tunes and seriously breathtaking views. Of course, you can’t forget the killer company that comes with it too! 

A bucks boob cruise through Adelaide is most certainly a crowd pleaser and is a great way to enjoy the city – whether you’re a local or you’re venturing from further afield. To help get you even more excited for the activity, Wicked Bucks has put together their top five reasons why you should consider hosting a boat party in Adelaide for your upcoming bucks’ party. We may have capped it at five, but we can assure you that there are actually a million and one reasons why this should be right at the top of your bucket list!

Reasons to Have a Bucks Party Boat Adelaide

1.    Enjoy the beautiful outdoors

Adelaide is seriously full of hidden treasures. It might just be the country’s best kept secret. It’s a place where the scenery is bountiful, and the views are amany. While there are plenty of opportunities to soak up your surroundings from the land, there’s something pretty special about taking it all in from the comfort and luxury of a privately chartered boat party cruise for your bucks. Don your best boat shoes and whip out your sailor’s cap for the bucks, as you prepare to sail around the glistening blue waters in style with complimenting outfits.

As you sip on your bevvie of choice, you’ll float past rugged cliff faces and lush greenery. Plenty of people make their way to Adelaide for the inner-city arts and culture, but you may be surprised to discover just how refreshing the great outdoors is in this part of the world. A top tip from the Wicked Bucks crew is to pack your camera or have your smartphone handy, because you’ll want to snap as many shots of this view as possible – even just to taunt your friends and family back home.

2.    Make the most of the time together

Ask any married man and they’ll tell you the lead up to the wedding is a pretty special time in your life. It’s a rare opportunity to bring all your loved ones together and celebrate the chapters of life that have led to that point. We’re talking primary school mates, uni buddies, cousins, and even your extended family too. Given the rarity of the moment, you’ll want to hold onto every last second you have together.

Heading out on a party boat in Adelaide isn’t something most people do every week, so it’s nice to be able to share the moment with your nearest and dearest. Without the distraction of other people, the stress of keeping everyone together or the hassle of finding your way around a new town, the peaceful moments out on the sea promise to be filled with epic bonding. We can promise you’ll walk away with a whole new appreciation for each other – and a special spot for the man of the hour.

3.    Pump the tunes as loud as you like

Nothing beats having a good boogie with your mates on the dancefloor to your favourite tunes. We can assure you that it only gets better when you don’t have to worry about noise restrictions or complaints from your not-invited neighbours. With just you, your mates and the wide-open ocean, you can crank the tunes to your heart’s content. The Wicked Bucks crew promise not to judge you too much for your music taste – and you’ll get extra credits for strutting your stuff and shaking what your Mumma gave you.

4.    Get up close and personal with the local wildlife

Adelaide is not just a beautiful place, it’s also home to an incredible range of local wildlife. The ocean is seriously alive with all types of marine creatures, who are as friendly as the reception staff at your hotel. These curious creatures are known to make them known to the passing by boats, even putting on a performance for the tourists. You’ll be given a front row seat to the show from your private boat – and it’s better than anything you’ll be dragged to on Broadway!!

5.    Soak up the Hollywood-like highlife

If you’ve ever wondered what life as a Hollywood A-lister is like, this is your opportunity. It may not be the Bahamas or Mykonos, but we reckon the glistening waters of Adelaide would give those big names a pretty decent run for their money. Step aboard your boat and get your glimpse into how the other half of the world lives. Even just for a few hours, it’ll be an experience you’re still dreaming about for years to come.

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