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Candid Moments and Posing Advice for Engaged Couples

By Luxury Wedding SA

We do look for candid moments and guide our couples with posing, capturing the raw emotion of your wedding day – no posing experience required! Here are some tips that help you become stress free on your wedding day.

Most couples are inexperienced when it comes to posing and acting. We understand that it can be an intimidating experience when you have multiple cameras pointing at you. I completely understand it as I was camera shy in the past and over time, I was able to overcome it. As a wedding photographer and videographer I like to give you some tips that will help you be more prepared prior to your wedding and on the day. When you work with our talented creative team we will direct you, make you feel relaxed and help you have fun! Which is important.

We always have references of poses that we direct you whether it is on the beach, in a cafe or at your reception/venue.

1. Slower the better

The idea here is to be fully present with your partner. Think of it as if you are in a romantic slow-motion movie! And you are the star of your film. Slow moments are the best. You don’t need to rush, look in your partner’s eye, smile and pretend the camera is non-existent. Things like whisper something interesting in your partner’s ear, tell a joke. Whatever seems natural at that moment.

2. Find your best angle

Find your best angle that is comfortable for you, and you feel really great at. Do mirror or selfie exercises and see what pose makes you look natural and is not too posed. Usually, 45-degree angles facing the camera are more natural and candid while you are facing away from the camera.

3. Practice your eye contact

Squinching techniques are great too when you look straight into the camera, it is one of the techniques done by Hollywood actors when on set. Allowing them to look more confident. Make eye contact with the lens for a few of the shots.

4. Research

Find reference or inspiration from Pinterest or wedding photos you really like and want to replicate. This will help you be inspired rather than stressed 🙂

5. Practice!

You will find out what works best for you when you practice. So, practice makes perfect.

Hope those tips were helpful and we look forward to working with you!