Unobtrusive style, natural, candid, stylish, modern, fun and very affordable. HD widescreen broadcast quality, interactive motion menus, multi camera shoot.

We promise. You won’t regret hiring AACE videographers. When it’s all over, you can linger over all the delightful moments, marvel at how great you look, and rewind the funny parts as many times as you want. Before you holler “lights, camera, action!” here’s what you should know: the number of cameras does not affect editing capacity or quality. Most weddings are shot with one camera, and skilled videographers can make a one-camera wedding appear to have been shot with multiple cameras, but two is better (and more expensive) than one. Two cameras coverage are available. For best results, you’ll want a videographer who uses the latest digital video cameras and the latest technology.

Trust your memories to true video professionals. We use the best equipment. We stay on the cutting edge of industry trends to provide you with breathtaking quality and style. Forget what you currently know about wedding video and come see the difference. Call or email us to set up a meeting to view our current work.

AACE Wedding Video
AACE Wedding Video

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