The way we handcraft jewellery is unrivalled. In fact many say it is breathtakingly beautiful, too! Observe our crafting techniques and you’ll easily see our difference. We make our jewellery to last, for generations. We believe that if you want something precious, something meaningful, you’ll agree. It’s worth doing perfectly. We think you’ll love our jewellery too.

Not only can we custom design and make jewellery, but we can also remodel your old or unused jewellery and/or gemstones in to something truly special. We really can create wonders and we know you’ll be delighted!

Gentlemen, help is at hand! We know that shopping for you lady’s engagement ring can be stressful, but the Martin Rogers team can really help make the whole experience an exciting and effortless journey. All you need to do is have a chat with us!

Let us make you feel as special as you are… tell us about jewellery you’ve always imagined owning. So see us today, you’ll find us warm, welcoming and easy to talk with.

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