Adelaide’s Just Jazz Bands Agency specialises in offering you a complete live entertainment package for your wedding day, from your ceremony to your reception.

We are aware that choosing the music for your wedding is a very personal decision, so we specialise in tailor-making you an entertainment package that suits the style of music you would like, your size of venue or most importantly your budget.

To assist you in the planning of your wedding music we have compiled a video of the different types of instrumental line-ups that we can offer you. So if you are not sure of the sound that you would get from your choice of instruments you are more than welcome to make an after-hours appointment to view our video, in the comfort of our home where we run our agency from, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Adelaide’s Just Jazz Bands Agency can also offer you other styles of live music other than just jazz bands.

Adelaide's Just Jazz Bands Agency
Adelaide's Just Jazz Bands Agency

Classical Music

If you would enjoy the sounds of classical music during your wedding ceremony, we can offer you a choice of:

  • Solo Violin, Flute or Trumpet
  • Violin and Cello Duo
  • String Trio
  • Solo Harp
  • Harp and Violin Duo
  • Harp and Flute Duo
  • Harp and Cello Duo
  • Guitar and Flute Duo

Our Musicians will perform for you at the church,
in the gardens, and at the reception of your choice,
in fact, almost anywhere.

Dinner-Dance Music

The most popular type of band for weddings are one of our Dinner-Dance bands. Usually consisting of Piano, Double Bass, Drums and Sax. You can expect to hear nice and quite smooth jazz during your meal with the band playing more danceable music after all the formalities are finished and everyone wants to party! As with most weddings, costs are one of the most important factors. So if the constraints of your budget is one of your main concerns why not call us to discuss your options.

Why not have the pianist from the band play solo during your meal and have the band start playing later in the reception?

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