Getting married??
Look no further than ‘The Wolfpack’.
Adelaide’s best value GETUP for you and your wedding party!!
The perfect kit for you and your groomsman and it’s all to keep and utilise for all future events!

Have more than 4 in your wedding? Have family and friends also needing suits? Bring them in when you get your Wolfpack for them to receive the same GETUP and price point.

It works out to be less than $275 per person!!
Yes, we have been told (many times) in some instances it costs more to hire a used suit.


  • 10+ suit colours
  • 8+ shirt colours
  • Matching vests are also available
  • All sizes (Suit size 62/124+ add $50 per suit)
  • 2000+ tie selections.

Due to the huge popularity of this product we do recommend bookings to be made via the below details.

We have three stores throughout Adelaide.

Adelaide Suits Direct
Adelaide Suits Direct


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