Liesl is an accomplished harpist having been support act for the late Victor Borge, Kamahl and with the Australian String Quartet at Opera in the Outback.

She has been performing for wedding ceremonies and receptions for the past seventeen years. Her style adds romance, sophistication and elegance to the big day.

Her harp playing is perfect for providing beautiful music at a wedding ceremony, ideally suited to a garden or outdoor wedding but just as much at home in a church service.

Also her harp playing can provide fine background music as your guests arrive for pre-dinner drinks or as they enter for dinner.

Liesl plays a concert harp (as seen in Symphony Orchestras) which has nearly fifty strings and a six and a half octave range. It can get all the notes of the piano, is portable and provides a large natural sound which does not need extra amplification.

Liesl plays a mixture of classical and recognizable popular tunes. There is a list of Liesl’s repertoire on her website listed below.

Liesl Warner
Liesl Warner
Liesl Warner

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