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The SvenStudios photo booth solution is a simple alternative to other photo booths on the market that provides an equal quality product in a format that many other photo booth companies do not offer. Our photo booth is a unique open-air design, designed for your party, and is much more inclusive and entertaining than traditional booths.

Instead of having your guests lining up to get inside a stuffy little box that many traditional photo booths are, the SvenStudios photo booth allows for your entire party to see whats going on in front of the camera and join in as much as they like! It creates a much more inclusive atmosphere and a fun activity not usually associated with a traditional photo booth.

Behind your guests will be a luxurious red or white curtain, and each photo produced is a large 6 inches, instead of the small 6 inch strip many other photo booth options supply however either are available depending on preference.

Your hire of our photo booth is also not restricted by a time limit, other than the length of your reception party, generally this means we start packing up around 11:30pm most nights, however longer can be negotiated! The photo booth is also super simple to use with a touch screen interface, all the included attendant will need to do all night will be changing the printer ink and paper as required.

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